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Melnechuk, Michael

M 800158 Michael Melnechuck joined the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 15 August 1950 as Acting Sergeant. He was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to C Company, 8 Platoon by November 1950. Prior to the Battle of Kapyong 24/25 April 1951 he was promoted to Company Quartermaster Sergeant.

Levy, Mike

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  • 1925-2007

Mike Levy, 1925-2007, was born in Bombay, India.and raised in Shanghai, China. At the onset of the Second World War he was interned at Lunghwa, a Japanese internment camp. In 1944 he escaped, joined the Special Operations Executive, a British commando group, and was engaged in guerrilla warfare in Malaya. After the war he settled in Vancouver, BC, married, and opened a restaurant. During the Korean War he was a Lieutenant commanding the 10th Platoon, D Company, Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Korea, and participated in the Battle of KapYong, 24-25 April 1951. He remained with the PPCLI during peacetime assignments in Germany, Vietnam, Cyprus, and the United States, retiring with the rank of Major. He was married to Marjorie Levy, and they had four children, Michael Guy, Don Garry, Linda Gay, and Paul Garth.

Brause, Morris

Major Morris Brause was Second in Command of the First Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Croatia, from January to October 1994 and Regimental Major at Garrison Edmonton from 1998 to 2000.

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Regimental Headquarters

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  • 1968-

In peacetime, Regimental Headquarters, known by its abbreviation RHQ, is the administrative branch of the Regiment. Since 1953 this unit has been staffed by the Regimental Major, the Regimental Adjutant, the Regimental Warrant Officer and any number of non-commissioned officer clerks who manage the Regiment's finances, special events and parades, visiting dignitaries, retirements, the Regimental Kit Shop, officer indoctrination, regimental publications including the Patrician, and the Regimental Museum and Archives. Regimental Headquarters functions as the secretariat for the Regiment's governing bodies, the Regimental Executive Committee (REC) and the Regimental Guard. It administers Exercise Ric-A-Dam-Doo, a biennial conference of PPCLI officers. The Regimental Kit Shop is a not for profit business which offers for sale accoutrements, memorabilia, books on Regimental history, special gear and Regimental clothing that is not provided to the soldiers by the Department of National Defence. Monies generated by the Kit Shop are transferred to the Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund where they are then distributed for charitable activities including the Regimental Museum and Archives and the Hamilton Gault Memorial Park. Following the First World War the Regiment was stationed at Stanley Barracks in Toronto and then moved to Long Branch Camp outside of the city. In 1920 the Regiment moved to Tecumseh Barracks in London, Ontario and then to Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After the Second World War the Regiment spent seven months at Camp McDonald near Portage La Prairie before finally moving to Currie Barracks, Calgary, Alberta in 1946. In June 1953 the Regimental Depot was established at Currie Barracks and the Regimental Museum and the Kit Shop were established shortly thereafter as adjuncts to the Depot. The Depot acted as Regimental Headquarters, assuming responsibility for receiving, equipping and training men for both the First and Second Battalions. The Depot was also responsible for the administration and accounting of Regimental funds and property and other basic Regimental business. The Recruit Program comprised of 17 weeks of basic training and classes were on-going with new recruits graduating each year. In 11 January 1956 the Depot moved to Edmonton, first to the Prince of Wales Armouries and then moved again to a new base at Griesbach in Edmonton, which was renamed Hamilton Gault Barracks in honour of the Regimental Founder. As part of the unification of the Armed Forces, on 31 October 1968 the training function of the Depot was established as the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle School. The administrative function became Regimental Headquarters, established as a separate increment attached to the First Battalion located at a new Home Station at Currie Barracks in Calgary, Alberta. Regimental Headquarters remained at Currie Barracks until 1990 when it moved with the Kit Shop across the street to the Museum of the Regiments. In 1997 Regimental Headquarters along with the First and Third Battalions moved to a new Home Station at Edmonton Garrison, formerly known as Namao Air Force Base.

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