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McIntyre, Bruce

  • Pessoa
  • fl. 1992-1996

Robert Bruce McIntyre was a graduate student interested in the Korean War. In 1994 he completed his M.A. in History thesis at the University of Waterloo: The forgotten thirty-three ; an examination of Canadian prisoners of war of the Korean War. During 1994-1996, under the supervision of Dr. David Bercuson of the Strategic Studies program of the University of Calgary, he undertook research for a doctoral thesis on the "wellness" of Canadian veterans of the Korean War. His doctoral studies were apparently not completed.

Brown, George Grenville

  • Pessoa
  • 1922-1995

Born 17 June 1922 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, George Brown was educated there and in Regina. He attended Royal Military College from 1940 to 1942. He was commissioned in the Seaforth Highlanders and served in Canada, the United Kingdom, and North Africa. In 1943 he joined the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in Italy. He was wounded there, and in 1945 he rejoined the Seaforth Highlanders in Holland. Brown transferred to the PPCLI in 1946 and served with its 2nd Battalion in Germany. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1962, he commanded the 1st Battalion PPCLI in Victoria, BC and in Germany until 1965. Brown was promoted to Colonel and Chief of Infantry at Mobile Command Headquarters in 1966. He was promoted to Brigadier General in 1970 and appointed Chief of Staff for Operations, Mobile Command. In 1974 he was promoted to Major General and chief of Land Operations, National Defence Headquarters, and in 1975 he was appointed Deputy Commander, Mobile Command. Major General Brown retired from the Army in 1977 and served a six-year term in the PPCLI as honorary Colonel of the Regiment. In 1983 he became Vice-Patron of the PPCLI Association. He died on 14 march, 1995.

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