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Waters, Stanley C.
ppcli · Persona · 1920-1991

Born 14 June 1920 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Stanley C. Waters received an education in Edmonton at Strathcona High School and the University of Alberta. In 1941 he received a commission with the 14th Army Tank Battalion and was then posted to the First Special Service Force. In 1943, while part of the FSSF, Waters led his unit up the Monte la Difensa to attack entrenched German forces. In February 1944 he landed at Anzio with Allied forces, where he temporarily took command of a battalion due to casualties sustained during the course of the battle. Deciding to remain in the post-war Canadian Army, Waters rose steadily through the ranks before ending his military career as Lieutenant-General (CD) and Commander of the Canadian Forces Mobile Command in 1975. In 1982 Waters became a founding member of the Reform Party of Canada, and while he did not run as a Reform Party candidate, he did become one of the party's most popular spokesmen. In 1990 Waters became the first person to be elected by a provincial population to be appointed by the Prime Minister to the Senate. Waters died September 25, 1991, of complications resulting from a brain tumor. He left behind his wife Barbara and four children, Claudia, Mark, Virginia, and Caroline.

Luxford, David
ppcli · Persona · 1931-2004

David Luxford was born 11 June 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated from St. James Collegiate in 1948. He joined the St. James Cadet Battalion (later the Winnipeg Grenadiers Cadet Battalion) in 1943 and attended summer camps in 1949 and 1950. In January 1951 he joined the Canadian Officers' Training Corps and went to Camp Borden where he enlisted in the Canadian Army regular force in July. He went to Valcartier, Quebec and later joined the 1st Canadian Rifle Battalion for service in Hanover, Germany as part of the 27th Canadian Infantry Brigade, NATO Force. In October 1953 the 1st Canadian Rifle Battalion was redesignated as 1st Battalion, Queens Own Rifles. Luxford was stationed in Germany until November 1953 when he returned with the Battalion to Currie Barracks, Calgary. He attended courses in demolition and atomic, biological, and chemical defensive warfare before resigning from the Canadian Army in 1959. He rejoined the Reserves in May 1964 attaining the rank of Captain and Adjutant of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. He moved to Calgary in 1972 and worked in various sales and marketing positions. Dave was a long time gun collector and volunteer at the Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry Museum. He died in Calgary on 26 October, 2004.

Zubkowski, Robert F.
ppcli · Persona · 1953-

Robert F. “Bob” Zubkowski was born in Vermilion, Alberta in 1953. He enlisted with the Canadian Armed Forces in November 1974 and was a member of the 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (1PPCLI) from February 1975 until the end of his military career. He attended the PPCLI Battle School and was named Top Recruit. While with 1PPCLI he completed his secondary school education and acquired an occupational health and safety certificate and a museum studies certificate. He was placed in an accelerated non-commissioned officer program and received the Brigade Commander’s letter of commendation. He served with UN peacekeeping tours of Cyprus in 1978 and 1984. He was curator and archivist of the PPCLI Museum and Archives from 1989 to 1991, and was drum major of the 1st Battalion Corps of Drums. He retired from the Armed Forces in 1993 with the rank of sergeant, but remained active in the PPCLI family as a volunteer. He served as president of the Calgary Chapter of the PPCLI Association and Vice-President (West) of the Association. He is the compiler of As Long as Faith and Freedom Lasts, a compilation of reminiscences of World War I veterans; and is co-compiler (with Stephen K. Newman) of Patricia’s Buried in Flanders & Belgium. He leads a civilian drum corps, Black Thunder Inc.; operates a small business, Collector Motor Oil Ltd.; and works as an occupational health and safety consultant. He was married to Helena Zubkowski, and they had three sons, Christopher Peter, Daniel Robert, and Jason Paul.

Knight, Arthur
ppcli · Persona · 1925-

Arthur Knight, the son of Corporal Abel Knight, was born in Manchester, England in 1925. He was living in Victoria, BC in 2005.

Franklin, A.
ppcli · Persona · fl. 1940-1941

A. Franklin was a Flight Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. He may be the same person as Arthur Franklin, the father of Berkeley Albert James Franklin.

White, Leslie A.
ppcli · Persona · fl. 1948

Pte Leslie White was a parachutist in the Special Air Service of the Canadian Army in 1948, at the same time as his friend and comrade Berkeley Albert James Franklin.

Shinn, James Herbert
ppcli · Persona · 1920-2005

H17417 James Herbert Shinn was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 23, 1920 and joined Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry on 16 Jul 1945 and was promoted to Corporal before the end of the Second World War. He was a member of the Haines, Alaska Cut Off Expedition tasked in 1947 with developing a land route from Haines, Alaska to connect with the Alaska Highway at Whitehorse, Yukon. He served with the PPCLI in the Korean War, and attained the rank of Warrant Officer 2 before retiring. He volunteered at the PPCLI Regimental Museum and Archives. he was married to Barbara Shinn, and they had four children, Jimmy, Gary, Debra, and Barbara. He died on January 28, 2005 and was buried in Calgary.