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Gray, Ian

Ian Gray was born in Victoria, British Columbia 19 January 1945. He joined the Royal Canadian Navy under the Regular Officer Training Plan and attended the University of British Columbia in 1963. He graduated in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and transferred to the Canadian Army, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry as a Lieutenant. From 1967 to 1968 he underwent Army Officer training at Borden, Ontario and then was appointed Platoon Commander with the First Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Calgary, Alberta until 1969 when he was posted to Hemer, West Germany with the Second Battalion. Promoted to Captain in 1970 Gray was appointed Platoon Commander #3 Mechanized Commando in Baden Soellingen, West Germany and eventually commanded the Mortar Platoon. He served as Staff Officer at 1st Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters in Calgary in 1973 and was promoted to Major in 1976. From 1976 to 1979 Major Gray served as Company Commander with the Second Battalion in Winnipeg, which included a partial tour in Cyrus. From Cyprus he attended the Indian Defence Services College in the Nilgiri Mountains in Southern India until 1980 when he was posted to Army Headquarters in St. Hubert, Quebec. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1981 he served in various positions as a Staff Officer before being given command of the Second Battalion in Baden Soellingen, West Germany in 1984. He was promoted to Colonel in 1986 and appointed Area Chief of Staff to the Reserve Army in Atlantic Canada until 1988 when he attended Canadian National Defence College for a post-graduate course in national and international affairs. From 1989 to 1991 Colonel Gray served as the Director of Professional Education and Development for the Canadian Forces at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa and was then appointed Commander of Canadian Forces Base Calgary from 1991 until he retired 3 January 1994. In January 1994 Ian Gray was appointed Director of the Calgary Zoo and then Director of the Museum of the Regiments, Calgary in 2000.

Weir (family)

Albert Jackson Weir was an English teacher, who enlisted with the 196th Overseas Draft, a University of Saskatchewan unit, 28 April 1917. He joined the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in the field 4 November 1917. Promoted to Lance Corporal, Weir was awarded the Military Medal for his actions at the Battle of the Scarpe (Jigsaw Wood) at the end of August 1918. Promoted to Corporal, he was wounded 24 September 1918 and Struck Off Strength 30 September 1918. Corporal Jackson was recommended for Officer Training by Brigadier General H. J. McDonald but the War ended before Jackson could complete his training. Following the War, Weir returned to teaching, earning a Doctorate Degree. Alan Weir is the grandson of Albert Jackson Weir.

Allan, James C.

James C. Allan enlisted in the Calgary Highlanders in 1939, where he received his commission and went overseas in 1940. Assigned to the Seaforth Highlanders in 1943 he was wounded in Italy. After hospitalization in England, he returned to Canada in December 1944 and took up various administrative posts in Western Canada. He was second-in-command of the First Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in the winter of 1951/52. After holding various staff appointments in Canada he was a member of the Canadian Defence Liaison Staff in Washington, DC. Following this he was with the Military Component of the Canadian Delegation to Indo China and was Commanding Officer of the First Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry from 29 June 1959 to 11 April 1961. Promoted to Colonel in July 1962 he became the Commandant of the Royal Canadian School of Infantry and later Director of Infantry. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order, a Member of the British Empire Medal and the Canadian Decoration. He retired to Victoria, BC in December 1964.

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