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McIntyre, Bruce

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Robert Bruce McIntyre was a graduate student with an interest in the Korean War. In 1994 he received his Master of Arts degree in history from the University of Waterloo. By 1996 he was a student in the Strategic Studies Program at the University of Calgary.

Stangowitz, Al

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  • 1931-2012

Born 13 February 1931 at Macklin, Saskatchewan, John "Al" Stangowitz worked as an apprentice welder in Edmonton before joining the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in February 1948. He completed Recruit Basic Training at Camp Borden in Ontario and was posted to B Company, 1st Battalion, PPCLI at Currie Barracks in Calgary, Alberta in May 1948. He was trained as a bren gunner and then sent to Rivers, Manitoba where he completed his jump course (parachute training) in May 1950. Private Stangowitz was reposted to the 1st Battalion in 1950 and then returned to Camp Borden where he completed the Driver Operator and Signals course. When he returned to the Battalion in July 1950, he was employed as a Signaller and passed the Air-Portability course in August. Stangowitz then was sent to Wainwright, Alberta to help train the Second Battalion, Signals for service in Korea. He was sent to Korea, arriving in September 1951, and was attached to B Company, 2nd Battalion, PPCLI. Al was wounded by a shell fragment to the head in April 1951 and evacuated to Japan where he spent three months recovering. He was then transferred to Movement Control at Iwakuni, Japan where he was employed loading priority supplies onto aircraft. When the 2nd Battalion was relieved by the 1st in October 1951, Private Stangowitz returned to Canada and applied for discharge in November. Following the War he worked as a carpenter for forty years. He was active in the PPCLI Association, the Korea Veterans Association and the Royal Canadian Legion, and volunteered at the PPCLI Regimental Museum. He was married to Dorothy Stangowitz (d. 2006) and to Doris Stangowitz. He had four children, James, Gordon, Brenda, and Douglas. He died in Calgary on 13 September 2012.

Hulsman, Carl H.

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  • fl. 1949-1999

Carl Hulsman was a Sergeant with the 2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion, United States Army 1949-1952. In 1999 he was living at Rocky River, Ohio.

Lock, Charles H.

SL 105897 Charles H. Lock joined the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry following World War Two and was a member of the First Battalion during Exercise Sweet Briar in 1950. Staff Sergeant in 1959. Warrant Officer II with the Second Battalion in 1961. Warrant Officer I in 1965. Captain in 1965. Retired in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Petrie, Charles A.

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  • 1925-

Born 22 April 1925 in Edmonton Alberta, TM12658 Charles Petrie enrolled in the Canadian Army as a private 7 June 1944. He was selected for Airborne training but was remustered to the General Reinforcement corps in November 1944. After further training in England he qualified as an Infantry Signaller and was transferred to the Calgary Highlanders at Rodenkirchen, Germany in May 1945 as a clerk of Headquarters Battalion in the Occupation Force. By the end of June 1945 Private Petrie was back in England and returned to Canada shortly thereafter. He was released from the Canadian Army 2 October 1945 and returned to the University of Alberta in Edmonton. After graduating with a BSc in 1948 he worked as a calculator on seismic surveys and then as an oilfield chemist. He enrolled as an officer candidate with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and was commissioned 1 January 1950. He then enlisted with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 23 October 1950 and was posted to 2nd Battalion at Camp Wainwright, eventually becoming assigned to the 3rd Battalion, C Company, 9 Platoon 30 November 1950. In March 1951 he was transferred back to the 2nd Battalion and was assigned to 5 Platoon on the eve of the Battle of KapYong, 24 April 1951. In June he served as the Quartermaster and then as Platoon Commander 8 Platoon, C Company until the Second Battalion was relieved by the First Battalion in November 1951. He remained in Korea as Admin Logistics Officer until December 1951. Returning to Canada, he served with the 2nd Battalion as Intelligence Officer, Assistant Adjutant and Platoon Commander both in Canada and Germany until December 1956. He then spent 5 years at Headquarters, Saskatchewan Area where he was promoted to Captain and then assigned to Tactical Headquarters in Newfoundland from 1961 to 1963. From 1963 until his release from the military 24 July 1970 Captain Petrie held several staff appointments in Ottawa. Following his military service he returned to university and eventually became a teacher and silversmith. He was living in Victoria, BC in the 1990s and in England in 2014. «

Haas, David

David Haas served with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and attained the rank of Major. Currently he is the Curator of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, a sister regiment of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, also known as the Fourth Battalion.

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