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John Henry Richardson fonds
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File 4 - Photos, 1940s

The file includes photos of 1st Battalion Special Air Service Pl 1948, photos of BAJ Franklin, Dick Buxton, Richard Buxton, Lt Jerry Lynch, Smokey Parson, Pte John Fossett, Pte Mulholland, Pte Franklin, Pte Cunnigham. Group photos include: Ptes Anderson, Church, Kynock, Purdon, Lambert, Lynch, Burton, Lodge, Bell, Tremblay, L/Cpl Crane, Cpl Osadiuk, Athur, Cpl Hill, LCpl Whyte, Pte harding, Cpl Scoular, Cpl Robinson, Pte Treadwell, LCpl Isherwood, LCpl Niven, Cpl Hoskin, Cpl Clayton, Cpl Mitges, Sgt macGregor, Sgt Caesar, Sgt Borkofsky, Sgt Ghostkeeper, Sgt Hayes, Cpl Magee, Cpl Buxton, Lt Gunton, Lt Harry Moncreif, Lt Matheson, Lt Potts, Maj Holmes, Capt Henry, Lt Marchessault, Lt Angus, Lt Eyres (instructors of Para Trg Secttion, Joint Air School, Rivers, Manitoba Oct 48 - May 49. Other Group photos include Pte AR Mitchell, Pte Rutherford, Pte White, Pte MacDonald, Cpl Buxton, Pte Darnell, Pte Sinclair, Pte Langdeas, Pte Franklin, Pte Richardson (Wing Parade March 1948). Cpl Blackwell, Pte Darnell, Berkeley Franklin, Harding, Rutherford, Albert, Clark, Mitchell, W.B. White, Richardson (PPCLI Stick July 1948). Canadian Infantry Training Centre A-16 PPCLI members: Lt Torleif Berger, Lt Robert Graham, Lt Arthur Kemsley, Lt Jerry kelly, Lt Harry Moncrief, Lt William Sutherland, Sgt Cooper, Sgt Harris, Sgt Muz Kozack, Pte Reg Anderson, Pte John Biwert, Pte Leonard Cameron, Pte Bob Coulter, Pte Albert DeLeeuw, Pte John Fossett, Pte Berkeley Franklin, Pte Gene Findlay, Pte Ron Hughs, Pte William Jackson, Pte Walt Jordan, Pte Robert Lekivetz, Pte Joe Langdeau, Pte IR Millar, Pte Parker, Pte Adam Polnuk, Pte Mike Popp, Pte Prochaska, Pte John Richardson, Pte Wesley Schaure, Pte Douglas Thurn.

File 5 - Late 1940s letters, clippings, etc.

The file includes 2 letters and one card from JH Richardson to his mother; a card and drawing from a friend, "Murph"; order of service for Frezenberg commemorative church parade, 1947; dinner menu, New Year's Day, Currie Barracks, 1946. Includes newsclippings about Dr. William Augustus Richardson; relocation of PPCLI from Winnipeg to Calgary; military ceremonies; military exercises; accidental death of Lt Gerald A. Lynch; paratroopers' wings awarded to JH Richardson, RG Buxton, and BAJ Franklin.

File 8 - Exercise Sweetbriar

The file contains clippings; stick list 15 April 1950; Ex Sweetbriar pamphlet; "enemy propaganda" leaflets dropped during the exercise. Includes clipping photos of: Cpl A Woods, Sgt j Thompson, Pte RE Fieury, Cpl CH Lock, Lt A Potts, Capt C Bowlsky, Cpl A Brown, L/Cpl C Gibson, Pte LG Morrison, Pte DD Jones

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