Colección Collection 58 - Operation Deliverance collection

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Operation Deliverance collection

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PPCLI Collection 58

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  • 1992-1994 (Creación)
    Operation Deliverance

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3 cm of textual records. - 8 video cassettes

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The Canadian Airborne Regiment was established in 1968. It was organized into units of paratroopers from the three Canadian permanent infantry regiments. 2 Commando (2 Cdo) consisted mostly of members of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). On 4 September, 1992 the Canadian Airborne was tasked with participating in a peacekeeping and humanitarian effort known as Operation Deliverance in Somalia, which was suffering from a famine as well as a civil war leading to the breakdown of all political authority. 2 Commando was assigned to take a vanguard role in the Canadian Airborne Regiment Brigade Group. In December 1992 the Brigade Group arrived in Somalia, and was tasked with securing the airfield, and restoring civil order in the town of Belet Uen. It did succeed in securing the airfield, providing security and coordination for non-government organization humanitarian efforts, re-establishing the local police force, and convening meetings of tribal leaders with the objective of re-establishing a local civilian government. These achievements were overshadowed in the Canadian public view by an unfortunate incident. One of the problems the Brigade Group encountered was the theft of their supplies by youths from the town. On 16 March, 1993, one such youth, Shidane Arone, was arrested, tortured, and killed by a security patrol. The Canadian Airborne returned to Canada by 26 July, 1993. Two of Arone's captors and their immediate commanding officer were court-martialled and sentenced to prison terms and dismissal from the Canadian Armed Forces in March-April 1994. Media reports suggested that 2 Commando was permeated with members of racist organizations. The Canadian Airborne Regiment was disbanded on 1 September 1995. 2 Commando was re-integrated into the PPCLI as the Princess Patricia's Parachute Company in a ceremony on 25 September 1995.

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The collection was collected PPCLI Regimental Headquarters and by volunteers of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regimental Museum and Archives, 1992-1994.

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The collection consists of a nominal roll, chronology of events, police operations report, Lessons Learned report, souvenir "tour book", letters home from a soldier, diary of Capt. LC Reinelt, topographical map, and news clippings.

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Additional news clippings related to Operation Deliverance are located in Collection 1, Series 19.

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The collection was formerly Collection 1, Series 250 and Accession A2017.017.

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